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CSRA64215 config / power / charging

I hope it's fine if I write in English. I'm quite fine with Deutsch (use to write back as you like), but just for the language sake it's better if I write it down this way Smile

Long story short - I tried to repair a headset (Marshall Monitor) and made things only worse...rushed it and made the unit totally non-responsive. As a 2nd attempt I decided to use a similar quality module (CSRA64215 to replace CSR8645). I managed to communicate with the, module (using generic FT232RL and the great guide in https://github.com/lorf/csr-spi-ftdi), set the DAC output, name, etc.

Now I'm looking for ways to enable charging and some button events (power on/off in particular). I did some tries, but half-bricked a module after setting power events in a wrong way. I managed to bring it back to life by silencing eeprom upon boot (pulling HOLD/7 to GND/4 in mx25u8033) and then reverting to original settings.

Charging also does not work as-is and when I put 5V input (VCHG) the whole thing powers down.

Do you happen to know a setting (using config tool for ROM 15) I should use for charging enable and the power on/off switch event?
What hardware setup should I use for battery (5V at VCHG and VBAT+VBAT_SENSE to the Li-ion battery)?

I found no good guide online so far but have seen some great posts here, so maybe you could help me out guys.

Attaching some pictures and screens plus a config file (changed name to ".txt", must be reverted to ".psr" to read).

MfG / Cheers


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.txt   SettingsBackup.txt (Größe: 4,68 KB / Downloads: 10)
Vbat + Sense goes together and 5V goes to VCHG correct. There's a page in the config tool that configures the charger to work. Afaik the charger state configuration is to set different conditions for different voltage levels like trickle-charge a deepcycled battery.

Isn't the stock configuration already set up for simple charge?
Hi and thanks for a quick response.

I left the charging page and the entire power management in stock condition. At the moment the only things I changed were assigning the audio output to DAC instead of I2C and giving it a new BT name. Some changes earlier made to events/buttons are back to stock.

The module responds as follows:
- if 5V is applied to VCHG, I get no reaction - leds are not lit
- if I connect the li-ion battery or programmer to (VBAT+SENSE), the module boots up and seems to work just fine; then if I plug VCHG to 5V, leds and the module simply stop. A small note here: 5V is from laptop, measured at 5.00V at module points. It has enough current capacity. Only power lines of USB are connected.
Basically the module does not power up or shuts down when I apply power to "VCHG" pin in PCB corner. Could it be that 5V is too high?

Config page of charging in the config program is I believe the one I have shown above (attachment #2). All default for now.

5V0 at VCHG is fine (up to 6.5V). There's a datasheet available here:


I suspect a misconfigured CHRG-Setup as it is possible use the Chip with an external transistor as pass element for the charging to keep power-dissipation at the QFN-package low.

Have a look at page 65ff.
There is just one place where external charger is suggested ("charger configuration") and there is no option for internal. Not sure what should be set there and the datasheet does not seem to be conclusive here.
There's also a ticked box for "Disable leds" there...maybe that has something to do with it. Will check again a day after tomorrow.

All in all the most critical question for me is the power on/off. I'd like to have a single button to be used as On/off, pairing and play/pause (long, very long, short respectively). That should typically work by MFB (Logical ID #1 / PIO 18) but seems to do only pairing and pausing part.

If possible, please take a look at the txt file I attached in the original post. It's basically a PSR file just with changed extension.

Thanks for all the feedback so far!

Best regards

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For using just one button you'll have to take care how the interrupts/timers are served. You simply can't have i.e. long + vvlong on one button as these are not edge controlled. The "long" will always superseed the "vvlong" here. So better combine these with the "release" button interrupts.

Have you tried connecting D+/D- with a 100R resistor and powering it from VUSB + GND? This is the simplest configuration for a "dedicated charger".
Hi Christian,

Thanks for ideas! Just to be 100% sure and avoid 1/2 bricked states again, for the "power on" and "power off" User Events would you suggest using "Button timing" mode as e.g. "LONG REL"? (see screenshot below)
What about "State Mask"? By default they are configured as per attachment. Any changes there?

About the charging piece, I'm not sure if I get it 100% correctly here: I assume D+ and D- are USBP and USBN respectively. Are you saying those would need to be connected together with 100ohm or pulled to VS or GND by such resistors? I see no VUSB pin, just a pin marked as USB3V3, which connects to pins 41 / VOUT-3.3V and 54 / VDD_USB, both rated 3.3V (chapter 12). Pad next to it (square) is floating / not connected.

Only 5V rated input seems to be VCHG...

All a bit confusing and I found no diagram for this particular PCB and simply use a generic datasheet that you have also linked. 
Best regards

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Oh sorry, VUSB is VCHG in my definition. As it seems the CSR has charger detection build in, a dedicated charger can identify as such by having D+/D- shorted (or 100R across). When doing so on the CSR module directly, this should tell the chip, that a dedicated charger is connected when you apply 5V0 to VCHG. No need to have "fancy" charger mode setup with Pull-Up/Down on D+/D-. (USBP/USBN respectively)
So I guess this is the end of the charging piece of the puzzle...maybe something is not right with module or other settings are necessary. Either way,  I'll resort to an external module for li-ion maintenance and power interface.
What about the power on/off? Is the "LONG REL" what you had on your mind? Are the "State Masks" defined okay by default?
I tried simply "LONG" last time and masks as shown, but the result was a non-responsive module and only some trickery on the eeprom saved it. Would rather avoid such adventures this time over Wink
When the module is off, no timer is running to count for the interrupts. I actually have no resources to dig into this sorry.