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neuer d-amp , 5-level design
Infineon macht mal was Neues: multi-level-d-amp chips... by Merus Audio’s Ultra-Efficient eximo switching amplifier technology. [/font][/size][/color]






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Hmm.. interessantes Device, auf Siliziumebene scheint aber noch Handlungsbedarf.


Description of the issue/limitation:
Hot plugging the PVDD pins can cause damage to the amplifier. Hot plugging can trigger the ESD-cells that are designed for ESD (Electro static discharge) and not the power/energy level of a fast voltage ramp up from power supply.

Make sure that the ramp up voltage stays below 0.25V/μs. This can be controlled by using the soft start function of the power supply or by using a load switch with a controlled ramp up voltage.

Device failure due to in-rush current
Description of the issue/limitation:
It is known that large output in-rush current cannot be handled well by the substrate of the IC. This might result in device breakdown. Large in-rush currents can occur when for example a double / simultaneous short is created at the output in combination with long (> 1m ) speaker cables.

If this is a likely scenario for the application, it is recommended to apply a schottky diode at each output node. This way large in-rush currents are diverted to PCB ground instead of IC substrate.