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LT8390 Buck Boost 4-60Vin 0-60Vout 0-40A CC CV

Heisses Teil.

4-Switch Single Inductor Architecture Allows VIN Above, Below or Equal to VOUT
Synchronous Switching: Up to 98% Efficiency
Proprietary Peak-Buck Peak-Boost Current Mode
Wide VIN Range: 4V to 60V
±1.5% Output Voltage Accuracy: 1V ≤ VOUT ≤ 60V
±3% Input or Output Current Accuracy with Monitor
Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation for Low EMI
High Side PMOS Load Switch Driver
Integrated Bootstrap Diodes
No Top MOSFET Refresh Noise in Buck or Boost
Adjustable and Synchronizable: 150kHz to 650kHz
VOUT Disconnected from VIN During Shutdown
Available in 28-Lead TSSOP with Exposed Pad and 28-Lead QFN (4mm × 5mm)

Laut Linear regelbar 0-60V 0-40A als CC CV, macht ein schönes Netzteil Smile

60V und 40A bei 650kHz ist dann sicher nicht mehr ganz trivial zu layouten bzw. sinnvoll.