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cross hearing in stereo SODFA
I plan to run two half-bridge SODFAs from the same power supply (SMPS). What I wonder is how much of the SMPS switcher noise that normally is conducted to the speaker, any particular rules on SMPS switch frequency? (will I need to run close to the frequency of the SODFA to avoid something slipping past the output inductor, I guess SMPS and SODFA frequiencies will intermodulate to produce some different frequencies?).

I also plan to run one of the channels with inverted phase to avoid rail pumping, is this really necessary when running from an SMPS? My plan is to do the 180 degree inversion at the soft clip circuit (the LDR) since I have one op-amp sitting idle there. Any better advice on this?

Second, I wonder how having both channels on the same power supply will affect cross hearing, is it necessary with individual series inductors for the power rails for both amplifiers to keep the channels separated? (will not fit my PCB since eagle limits layout size)
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